Heart Shaped Jewelry Box

5 inches in diameter

2.5 inches tall



 Horsehair Pear Pot with etched buffalo by Navajo artist
Leon Nez.

9.5" tall




Horsehair Warrior Pot etched Ram (Big Horned Sheep)

By Navajo Leon Nez

8" tall



Front Etched Cowboy Hat

3" tall

6" in length

By Navajo artist Tom Vail

Both front and side views.


Horse Hair Feather Etched

This cat is absolutely beautiful.  The etching is so delicate and beautiful it catches your eye and adds so much.

It is difficult to capture the beauty in a photo.

7 inches tall




 Buffalo Totem

by Wren Wildflower


10 inches tall







Horsehair Eagle Shield
By: Wren Wildflower
6.75 x 6.75 inches.


The picture says it all with this fine piece.  Etching so detailed it baffles the viewer.


 Native American Etched Horsehair Pottery - Business Card Holder

A decorative horsehair ceramic pottery accessory for holding pens and business cards. Looks great on any desk. This is the one you will receive.

 3.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches long  $36.00



The bull wrestler.  7 inches tall and 9 inches long.



The Bronco Rider

The rodeo bronco rider statue is a classic piece of Western life.

The view from both side is pictured.

11 "tall 10.5" wide.



Horsehair Fine Etched  Humming Bird Jewelry Box

By:  Marshalene Bennette, Navajo.

Diameter:  4.75 inches
Depth:  2.25 inches.


The bear symbolizing courage and strength. 
3x5 $20.00
6x9 $30.00
8"x12" $45.00

Cannot guarantee etching design.  If you desire a specific design e-mail me and I'll try to get it.



Horse Hair

Sitting Pony

Artist: TomVail Jr. Navajo

7.25 inches tall




No longer available



Soaring Eagle

13 inches tall

Signed by Tom Vail.



Soaring Eagle

10 " tall





Horsehair by Lone Hair & Wren Wildflower 9.5” tall $45.00



Kokopelli is the flute player of the Southwest.  He is a symbol of fertility and harmony.

Like any coyote, the horsehair coyote represents the trickster in much lore. This particular coyote is howling to call the others together after a successful hunt. A traditional Southwestern icon.

Little Turtles

3.5" $60.00

3x6" $30.00

2x4" $20.00



Horsehair Wolf Pair
7.5 inches tall
8 inches long

By:  Wren Wildflower



This wonderful Horsehair ceramic piece has a small light inside which illuminates the ancient Pueblo that is carved out of this old Canteen. A wonderful accent piece for any home.

Dimensions: 9.75 in. tall
Price: $90.00 



This beautiful pot etched with. The elk,  this wonderful piece will be a fine addition to any home.

Artist: Wren Wildflower


Dimensions: 10in dia. x 5 inches tall

Native American Navajo Ceramic Horsehair Pottery--Large Buffalo with Taos Pueblo Inset
Large Buffalo with Taos Pueblo Insert. 9"x13"

This horsehair Good Medicine buffalo, the pride of Native People and their main source of survival, has the Pueblo at Taos, NM, as an inset. This spectacular piece has a light in the back (comes with battery) and lights the Pueblo with a warm glow. A beautiful piece of pottery. Etching will vary.


Artist: Wren Wildflower




#1. 7.5" tall #2. 6.5" tall

#3. 7.5" tall                                   #4. 7.5" tall

These little unique horse heads are a reminder of the importance of the horse to the Native American Indian.



 Wolf on Shield 7"x7"

Horse hair by Wren Wildflower.






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8" $30.00