Playing the Native American Flute is a unique and wonderful experience.  This is one instrument that is played strictly from the heart.  You do not need to know how to read music to play. 

Playing music increases the brainís capacity and resources by increasing the strength of connections among neurons.  It provides relaxation and a deep sense of the soulís purpose.  The ease of playing this instrument and the personal expression it allows expands your creative flow and lets your heart sing.

The class is approximately one hour long or longer, depending on the size of the class.

Flutes are played by the instructor before the class starts so you can hear and make your decision about which flute you want. The main flutes offered are in the key of A minor. Some flutes in other keys are offered at a higher price.

Check below to see some of the flutes offered in the class and the prices.  All prices include the class and the flute.

Don't want to be in a group.  Private session available for  the same prices below.. 

If you would like to host a class of 5 or more people you can earn your flute. and class. 

Call for more details on hosting a class.  928 300 4781

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Jona's flutes here.




The class fee is $98.00  This includes the cost of a beautiful hand crafted Navajo flute in A minor and two hours of instruction . You will have your choice of bear, buffalo, eagle, horse or turtle, mountain lion, ram fetish.

See all of these flutes on  page:

Jona's cedar flute n F# $165.00

Jona's red cedar flute in E $185.00

Class includes flute.


 Western Red Cedar flute

You may opt to choose 
this western red cedar flute in the key of A minor.
 included in the class price of $170.00





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