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High Spirit's Flutes


Flutes by O'Dell Borge are some of the finest  
 flutes on the market today.  His High Spirit's flutes 
 are both affordable and of the highest quality. 
All past class participants please e-mail me for
 special pricing on your flute purchase!

 Please note!  If placing an order outside the U.S.  
 e mail me for additional  shipping cost before
 placing your order.

You free bag will be a random selection.

Please note: If ordering from outside the USA you must e-mail for shipping cost before you place an order.  Tell me what  you want and I will check on shipping cost and let you know.



 A minor in cedar

A minor ( Sparrow Hawk) in Western red cedar 19 and 3/4 inches long.
A delicate balance of tone and quality are represented
 in this flute.  This is a wonderful starter flute.  $98.00 



 G minor in cedar

         Red Tail Hawk flute in G minor , cedar, 23.5" long. 
           Playing this flute for inspiration and relaxation will reward
           you in ways you never thought possible.  The elements
         of wood and music combine to create  expert tonal qualities.



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