I am a flute player.    I play heart songs.  I know not of written music on a score sheet.  My heart sings itís songs through the hollow pipe of the flute with notes written on the breath of my life.  I hear and feel the music as it plays through me while my fingers nimbly more over this wooden piece of wonder.  It is not my intention to follow a written score or keep the rhythm of anything but my heart.   When I play, the sounds of life move through me and around me in harmony. Each song awakens me and bring me closer to life itself.  When I play, my stress is reduced there is a peacefulness in my heart and when I teach all these things are shared.
Carol  2003

" Fingers down,  here let me help you."


"Iíve longed to play the Native American flute for over a year. Finally an opportunity to learn. This class was inspiring and great fun. It has put my passion into action. I now enjoy playing my new flute daily."
Lori McLaughlen R.N.
Sedona AZ

" I love my flute and the class was great fun.  I never thought that I would ever be able to play a musical instrument. I am really surprised at how easy this is to play."
Mary Rich
Denver , CO

"I am retired, and thought I would try something different by signing up for this class.  I am really glad I did, because the Native American flute has become one of my most enjoyable pastimes.  I was really surprised at how much good sounding music come out of this flute and I am playing it".
Clark Simpson
Detroit, MI

"The enrichment of musical self-expression has touched my life. Taking the flute class from Carol was a fun, spiritual and expanding experience. I was propelled to fulfill this long-lived desire but always stopped because I could not  read music.  To my delight I learned to play by listening to my heart and soul with intuition."
Donna Arrey Koch
Sedona, AZ.

Denise Gould from Cottonwood Arizona writes:

"Play with your heart." This is the memory I have of the flute class. This instrument and itís teacher have connected me to the music of my heart. Thank you Carol!"

ďCarol has a magical way of relating to children of all ages and to the adults who work with them. She has been a real blessing to the children and the community of our church.Ē

Karen Partain (Youth Minister)

Mile Hi Church of Religious Science, Denver, Co



Flute Blessing

  I hold this ancient instrument to my heart
And bless it with love.
I ask that my breath flow with ease
As my fingers dance to the rhythm
Of the ancient spiritís joy.
May the music coming from this ancient
Flow from my heart to heal wounded spirits,
Comfort and sooth troubled souls
And bring joy to the lives it touches.
Allow me to play in the peacefulness of the moment,
In the joy of celebration, and in the sacredness of living.

Carol Buckley, June, 2000


Ancient Ones

Ancient ones send me the
sounds of your joys.
I open my heart so that I might hear and send
Those sounds with my breath through your ancient instrument.
I feel the sorrow and the joy of your path upon this earth and

I pay tribute to you for what you
have brought to this land.
I know of your love of Spirit in all things.
And I seek through the Lifeís Force of my breath
To express that oneness and love.
I wish to awaken your ancient sounds
And to share your intimacy with Mother Earth.

Carol Buckley 1999  


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